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17 November 2006La Java, 105 rue du fauborg du temple, Paris, France. Line-up: Unit Moebius, Solar X, Dasha Rush, Yann Dub & Tellemake, Stalker, RYBN.


10 November 2006Breaking Krew #05, LRX party, la GESPE centre culturel, Tarbes, France. Line-up: Solar X (live), Manu le Malin (DJ), Stalker (DJ), Weirdcore (VJ).
1 July 2006Abbaye Cisterienne de l'Escaladieu, 65130 Bonnemazon (Pyrenees mountains), France. Line-up: Solar X (live), Mike Dred (DJ), Automat, Dj Rayban.
24 June 2006Faster than Sound festival, Bentwaters Airbase, Aldeburgh, Suffolk, England. Line-up: venetian snares, luke vibert, mira calix, andrea parker, shitmat, max tundra, ultre, mr hopkinson's computer, solar x, tim exile, dj scotch egg, chevron, cynthia millar ondes martenot, zoe martlew cello, u.e.a. electroacoustic studios, sonic arts research archive, alexander's annexe, goodiepal.
17 June 2006Pervertanz release party, Most, Kiev, Ukraine. Line-up: Solar X (live), Ottosiderspunk (live), Dj Valta, Dj Minikin.
2 June 2006BarFly, Liverpool, England. Line-up: Solar X, Motion Pictures, Minotaurs, Mark Owens.
20 May 2006Berlin, Germany. More info here
26 April 2006Big Chill bar, Dray's lane, London.
16 March 2006Nouveau Casino, Paris, France. Line-up: Tok Tok, Unit Mobeius, Solar X, Animal Cops, Dasha Rush, Automat, Stalker, Rybn.
26 February 2006Distrito Diagonal, Barcelona, Spain. Versus Electronics.
29 October 2005El Garage, Voorhavenlaan, Gent, Belgium. Bug Klink event: Vex'd, Solar X, Rick Angel, Etschaberry X&trick, Sgt Sonar, Cloud9, Dj Mate, Parazoid vs Cthulhu, K-os vs C-Mikron, A-bat, C-ba, D:aq-sed
20 May 2005The Crash, London.
5 May 2005Electrowerkz, London 555 - Election Special Line-up: Venetian Snares, Richard Devine, Solar X, Mira Calix, Global Goon
11 March 2005Point phmre (20h-2h), Batofar (4h-12h), Paris, France. Live at Anticlockwise[d]
11 December 2004 El Garage squat, Voorhavenlaan, Gent, Belgium. Live at Xperimentalistic junglistic breaktothecoreparty. Line up: thormenta, Sgt. Sonar, Cloud 9, Machinedrum, Thee Vaporizer, Solar X, X&trick, Yeti, Noize Creator, Prozeck, Oeto, Wakotoy
26 November 2004 Ljubljana, Slovenia. Live at Stara Elektrarna Progress ex.04 festival
3 August 2004 ArT-TeK party at Kazantip festival, Crimea, Black sea.
20 June 2004 Confluences, 190 Bd de Charonne, Paris, France. Line-up: solar x, lybi, ceephax acid crew.
12 June 2004 Samedi, France. Live at Element Electronique. Line up: Solar X, Crystal Distortion, Interlope, Le Lutin feat Jamalski, Automat, DJ Stress aka Fabas, Domokun, Jimmy T, Fanfan+Squal
8 May 2004 Glasgow, School of Art. Live at machinista festival. Video by EPS
6 March 2004 London, Royal Festival Hall, Ethereal. Workshops and live performances at Ether 2004 festival
21 February 2004 Paris, Project 101, rue de la Rochefoucault. Line up: solar x, cyanide, akm, stress, domo kun, jimmy t
20 February 2004 Paris, Nouveau Casino, rue Oberkampf. Live at qwartz festival. Line up: funkstorung feat. enik, solar x, joker, domo kun, stress.
2 February 2004 Berlin, snippin hard at club transmediale.04 festival. Line up: Jason Forrest/ Donnasummer, Every Kid on Speed + Massaccesi, 8 BIT, Solar X, Mumbleboy.
31 January 2004 Moscow, Krylya Sovetov, Leningradskiy pt 24a. Live at aBrAcAdAbRa festival. Line up: Hrvatski, Donna Summer, End, Novel23, SolarX, Stud.
13 November 2003 16 tons, Moscow, Russia. ArT-TeK party (Mandelayev album lounch)
25 October 2003 Solar X plays live at newbleep night in London, Brick lane
13 September 2003 Kent, England. Free 24hr moonpalace and worm interface party. Live acts are : Karsten Pflum, Icarus, Somadril, Bedouin Ascent, Benge, Stendec, Solar X, Crunch, U - born, Mr Projectile, Adam Johnson, Superreal, Stormcrow, etc. For information email ?m?a?i?l?@?a?m?b?i?e?n?t?s?o?h?o?.?c?o?m
15 August 2003 Integramusic festival, Sochi, Russia. Live and DJ set.
13 August 2003 Territoria, Moscow. Welcome breaks party with DJ Compass Vrubell and Solar X.
3 August 2003 ArT-TeK party at Kazantip festival, Crimea, Ukraine.
5 April 2003 The Impact Centre, London, 12 Hoxton St. Line up: Dave Angel, Paul Mac, Rob Stow, Terry Mitchell, John Warwick (Techno room); Keith Anderson, Jesse Rose, Jafar (Eclectic room); Solar X, Django, Rocket (Chillout)
7 March 2003 The Foundry, London. Live at Rehabilitation.
22 February 2003 The Foundry, London. Plug 6, Solar-X live, DJ Compass-Vrubell, WC&E, Stayhome.
8 November 2002 La Marquise, Leon, France. See La Marquise for details and tickets.
7 November 2002 Batofar, Paris, France. Anticlockwise28. See batofar for details and tickets.
3 October 2002 the Moog, Nottingham, England. Day 3 of the MoogFest. Also features kid606, max tundra, quinoline yellow, geiom, and others.
30 November 2001 Batofar, Paris, France. Anticlockwise18 starring the worm interface allstars: Solar x (live), Ryo-co (live), Django, Rocket.
25 November 2001 Heavenly Social, Nottingham (23 Pelham St, ng1 24d). Line-up: Bedouin Ascent, Apache61, Icarus, FSOL, Solar-X. film: Andrea Zimmerman, Oblique, Addictive TV, Squid Soup. djs: Propane (moon palace), Jim Blackhaus (kosmische). Tickets: Ticketweb,, 020 77712000.
16 November 2001 Greenroom, Manchester (54 whitworth st west, m1 5ww). DysFunkt!onal_live.arts at Futuresonic festival. Line-up: Luke Vibert, DJ Spooky, Bedouin Ascent, Icarus, Solar X: 9-2am. Tickets: Piccadilly Box Office 0161-832 1111
18 October 2001 Propaganda, 201 Wardour Street, Soho, London W1. Live at Under Construction party featuring DMX Krew (Rephlex), Solar X (Worm Interface), DJ Django (Worm Interface), DJ I.F.U.
29 September 2001 Public Life, 82a Commercial Street (nearest tube Liverpool Street), London. alt.frequencies party v.2. Live: Solar X, Randomnumber, Ardisson + djs: Rocket, Stayhome, Django.
15 September 2001 Monastery of Sound 4 festival of electronic music in France. More info.
14 July 2001 Essential Festival, London. Live within the Worm Interface show at the Continental Drifts Stage (British Underground). More info.
27 June 2001 93 Feet East, 150 Brick Lane, London. ru.electronics launch. LO Recordings and Eat Your Own Ears present: Luke Vibert AKA Wagon Christ / Plug (DJ), Ceephax (DJ), Solar-X (Live), They Came From The Stars (I Saw Them)
2 June 2001 Leeds, UK. Live at Vector.
29 May 2001 Volksgarten, Vienna. Live at RA001 (Real-Audience). Line-up: modified genetics (at) live, erdem tunakan ( cheap/ at), p.dexter ( at), solar X ( ar-tek/ worm interface/ ru ) live, karo goldt ( de ) videoloops.
11 May 2001 Carpet Night (Worm Interface / Ambient Soho), Free gig at The Herbal, 12 Kingsland Rd, London. Live: Solar-X, DJs: Rocket, Stayhome, Prophane + Ambient Soho DJs
6 May 2001 Manchester. Dynam_x 01 at Zion within the X-trax festival. Line-up includes: freeform, quinoline yellow, gescom, turk mastik, geiom, alan k, dave wheels, solar x.
5 May 2001 The Herbal, London. Magma IDM bash night 1! live: Icarus(output), Solar-X (Worm Interface), Nish (Lo recordings) + Dj Django (Worm Interface), Stayhome, Phil Earle(LawandAuder),RyoCo.(melange),Mags Hall, Jim +special guests.
17 February 2001 WMF club, Berlin. ArT-TeK at solitaire touring: Solar-X (live), Compass Vrubell (DJ set). More info.
19 January 2001 The Herbal, London. Live at Worm Interface / Ambient Soho night.
14 December 2000 Batofar club, Paris, France. Live at ANTICLOCKWISE 12
with DJs Grant and Mike Dred (RePhLeX), and Yuri Lewitt (Elfcut, Berlin).
28 October 2000 Ubu club, Rennes, France. Live at ANTICLOCKWISE 11.
19 October 2000 Octopus Studios, London. Line-up includes Icarus, Solar X, Apache 61 and others.
16 September 2000 Monastery of Sound 3 festival of electronic music in France. More info.
24 August 2000 Kazantip festival in Crimea. More info.
18 August 2000 ROXY, Aachener Strasse 2, Koln-Zentrum (Cologne, Germany). More info.